28 Jan

A place you can never say goodbye, Koh Phayam, Thailand

The Island of Blue sky, Crystal Sea, and Warm sand

Hearing the Story

Like a tale it may sound, yet the doubts will simply be buried deep down as you reach its doorstep.  Calm wind and caring breeze are waiting to caress your body while the gentle ocean flows right pass your feet.  The trees, then, whisper mildly harmonizing with the birds’ song creating perfect sounds of nature. A beam of the Sun smiles upon you like a superstar who shines brightly under spotlight on the stage. Dreaming you may feel like, but the taste of local dishes will remind you of how real it is.

Koh Phayam Hermit


“Come now my friend, I invite you to try

At a place you can never say goodbye

Only to hear the whispers of the wind and sea

Through a door that requires no key”


Absorbing the Nature

Located 35 km off the mainland (Ranong province,Thailand), Koh Phayam is often described as a peaceful and relaxing place, but it is, in fact, very much lively at the core. While a long walk on Ao Yai beach hearing the sea talking through waves can easily ease your mind. Activities such as surfing, diving, or kayaking will definitely keep you entertained until the main event, the unrivaled romantic light of the setting sun.

Koh Phayam Aow Yai Sunset

As the night takes over the orange sky. Many beach bars and restaurants start to welcome their customers with open arms. As the most pleasant atmosphere fills the air, it is common that bonds of friendship are founded and cherished overnight.

After a long night of excitement, Ao Kwang Peep (Monkey beach) is a perfect hideout for just relaxing and absorbing the nature. Though it is not as big as the other beach, snorkel spot here is surely special in its own way. Do not be surprised if the sky changes its color before you even realize. Kho Phayam Aow kwang peep
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To fully witness the wonder of natural creation, Khao Kwai Beach (Buffalo Bay) is another place you cannot miss. The picture of rocks on the beach developing shapes that can be imitated by no man sided with communities of ghost crab is truly a living miracle waiting to be explored.


Tasting the Best Cuisine

The fun, however, is just about to begin as you spot a pirate ship on the very same Khao Kwai beach (Buffalo Bay). Only they don’t drop their anchor to pillage and plunder, but to share and offer some of the best food and music you will ever savor in the name of “Hippie Bar”.

Hippie Bar Kho Phayam
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If your body still calls out for more music, Ire Islands bar is also a great place to drop by for its Jam session every Tuesday and Friday. Natural musical hall coconut tree in the middle.

Kho Phayam Irie Island


Sathanee (Station) is yet another stop you need to visit. The restaurant recycles leftovers from the sea into a unique decoration style, but the real special is the taste of their exceptional European food. Home made mustard, Smoke meat and some day smoke duck on the menu.Kho Phayam SathaneeKho Phayam Sathanee Smoke duck

                                                                                                                                         Shakshuka with Bacon, Smoke meat wrap and coffee

If you somehow eager to taste many cuisines altogether, be sure to visit Baan Nam Cha, a restaurant filled with Thai, Burmese and Western food for Vegan. Yet, non-vegetarian’s tongue will not be able to resist such flavors. Also a tiny library to borrow books to read on the island.

Koh Phayam Baan Nam Cha

Koh Phayam Baan Nam Cha FoodKoh Phayam Baan Nam Cha Library

Burmese tea leaf salad (Lahpet Thoke), Larb Burger 


Another main vegetarian restaurant is Cha Chai Home. It is the best to start your day with their delicious breakfast before going on an adventure. Their dishes may appear simple, but are packed with care and love which will definitely make you feel joy at every spoon.

Koh Phayam ChachaiHome




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